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Feb 2013: State of Union speech appropriate on Fat Tuesday

Surely, it was just a coincidence – though an apt one – that the State of the Union address was on Fat Tuesday. It is impossible not to love Fat … Read full column »»

Feb 2013: Modern cowards have perfect tool: anonymity

At first, I thought it was just one of my pet peeves, the online anonymity that flamethrowers use to disparage, ridicule, bloviate about and attack everything from George W. Bush … Read full column »»

Feb 2013: Pray tell; atheists lose misguided battle in Barron County

I stopped by the Barron County Government Center the other day to see if there were any crosses or altars set up – or maybe an inquisition taking place – … Read full column »»

Jan 2013: The fear to confront cheaters

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Jim Wollack, in addition to doing a lot of research on cheating, runs a testing and evaluation service that includes a room where students take exams. … Read full column »»

Jan 2013: Waterloo burned by Lance Armstrong too

So Lance Armstrong, his lawyers and his public relations entourage, finally cornered, strategized their way onto “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in the effort to convince America to let them have another … Read full column »»

Jan 2013: There’s no real honor in violent video games

I walked into our TV room the day of the killings in Connecticut to find some teenage boys playing a video game in which a shooter was blasting away at … Read full column »»

Jan 2013: Freakish killers quickly forgotten after the carnage

Randy Martin lives in South Milwaukee, not far from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, where an intruder with a gun inexplicably killed six people last summer and – it seemed … Read full column »»

Dec 2012: The sad truth about mental illness in Wisconsin

Here’s the sad truth about the loner down the block with serious mental illness and maybe – just maybe, you fear – an itch to hurt somebody. He’s a lot … Read full column »»

Dec 2012: The old elf visits the Badger State

Twas the night before Christmas by our drought-damaged tree, which was short and too wide (just like Mason Crosby). “Not sure it’s a fir,” mumbled I with unease. “Hope it … Read full column »»

Dec 2012: An old church, a love story

It was south of Watertown on an old and winding county road that I came upon Ebenezer Drive. Wisconsin is a state where roads and places were often named after … Read full column »»