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Jun 2013: 1,750 blooms over the years

The roses growing beside the thorns next to the statue of Tom Buntrock are brighter than blood red. The statue itself is covered with the green patina of age, and … Read full column »»

Jun 2013: Wisconsinites need to pick up the pace

We dislike slackers. It’s part of our history. As far back as the Civil War, Wisconsin soldiers fighting in the South derided the lazy southern land owners and observed that … Read full column »»

Jun 2013: Appleton bars scanning their patrons

Count Frank Schadt among those of us who believe government — and not just the federal government — is taking extreme liberties with our liberties. Schadt owns OB’s Brauhaus, a … Read full column »»

Jun 2013: Racial Disparity in Pot Busts Troubling

Someone could write a book about all the knuckleheaded ways Wisconsinites get caught with pot. All over the state, all the time, Wisconsinites are caught with the stuff in everything … Read full column »»

May 2013: A snake with particularly long legs

Some issues and things, it’s always said, have legs. Well, for an unremarkable, bland, little reptile that has never done anything but get in the way of the lawnmower — … Read full column »»

May 2013: Success after high school unpredictable

Here’s the thing about the 72,000 or so Wisconsin kids who will walk off the high school stage in the coming weeks and in some cases go on to lead … Read full column »»

May 2013: Regulate — don’t ban — raw milk sales

Raw milk is not cocaine or heroin or pot. It’s not illegal to acquire it in Wisconsin, says Joe Plasterer, who freely admits to purchasing it for his family. The … Read full column »»

May 2013: Learning from a neighbor’s success

Ken Bierl lives in an old house that sits about 100 yards off the steep bluffs of the St. Croix just north of North Hudson. “Usually, somebody comes down here, … Read full column »»

Apr 2013: Junk food on the taxpayers’ dime

There’s a lot of competition for the most hilariously misnamed bill or government program. But the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program takes the cake – or should I say the big, … Read full column »»

Apr 2013: Nihilism rears its head in Boston

“What’s nihilism?” my eighth-grader wanted to know. He was playing Words With Friends on his iPod Touch with his grandmother, and she was not letting the fact the kid is … Read full column »»