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Aug 2008: Newspapers are going through tough times, but we’ll get through it

I cleaned out my newsroom desk this week. Discarded some old, bent paper clips and empty pens. Threw out reams of yellowed papers and documents — the sort of stuff … Read full column »»

May 2008: The verdict: What was she thinking?

In a 54- page opinion, the Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded one of its own, former Washington County Circuit Judge Annette Ziegler. That’s about 53 pages too long. Here’s what … Read full column »»

Apr 2008: He was right, only to be wronged

Dean Babcock spent almost 30 years as a cop in Delavan, so he’s seen the aftermath of drunken-driving accidents. Knows, too, how much trouble underage kids can get into and … Read full column »»

Feb 2008: ‘Bad night’ doesn’t begin to explain it

Forest County Sheriff Keith Van Cleve says one of his deputies had a “bad night.” Tyler Peterson “had a bad night, and he snapped and lost control of himself,” the … Read full column »»

Dec 2007: Making a Rib Mountain out of a mole hill

Every veteran teacher knows you can no longer hug a kid. A Rib Mountain Elementary School art teacher has now discovered, in addition, you’d better not even offer an encouraging … Read full column »»

Nov 2007: Survivor recalls shootings

Charlie Neitzel was at a party the night he was nearly killed by childhood friend Tyler Peterson. He recalls an argument, a threat to call the cops and Peterson’s reply: … Read full column »»

Sep 2007: Hardware earned the hard way

Now that I can once again get my underwear on by myself (well, with a little help from a crutch and a somewhat cumbersome, recumbent “fishing” technique) I am also … Read full column »»

Apr 2007: Hold tight to children, innocence

Our youngest had his First Communion over the weekend. We dressed him up in a white shirt and the only pair of pants he has ever worn that came straight … Read full column »»

Dec 2006: How Paulie Hynek died one night, and came to live again

Pleasant Valley – It wasn’t unusual, when the nights got late on their small Eau Claire County dairy farm off state Road 93, for Mark and Cindy Hynek to lay … Read full column »»

Oct 2006: Home life, not school, hardened Hainstock

To John Klang, the board of education on which he long sat was a good thing, something deserving of 20 years of service. To Eric Hainstock, the boy charged with … Read full column »»