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1,750 blooms over the years

The roses growing beside the thorns next to the statue of Tom Buntrock are brighter than blood red. The statue itself is covered with the green patina of age, and … Read full column »»

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Badger Diggings was a weekly column by Mike Nichols about life, people, politics, issues and oddities in our smaller Wisconsin towns and cities.  It ran between 2008 and mid-2013.


Wisconsin editorial cartoons by Stuart Carlson

Past and Present

Dread getting a swine flu shot? Your great-grandparents used to smear skunk oil on themselves. Mad at the Brewers for giving up ten runs? Some Wisconsin teams used to give up forty or fifty. Hear about the black bear in the beer cooler at Marketplace Foods in Hayward? Jack Ryan used to have one in his tavern in Mercer that stood on its hind legs and drank with the lumberjacks.

Readers can learn more about their quirky ancestors in Wisconsin Past & Present features – weekly, 150-word bits of Wisconsin history with particular, and often humorous, relevance to what’s in the news at the time. (Researched and written by Mike Nichols)

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